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Fun Camping Night Games That Will Make Your Trip MEMORABLE

Camping is mostly done with the intention of enjoying alone or with someone else.

It could be your friends or family. Some people prefer to go alone for camping but they have something different in mind i.e. to have some peaceful private time without any disturbances.

I’ve been camping solo as well as a group but believe me; both have its charm that cannot be compared.

While camping alone in the woods or at a private campsite helps in gaining peace of mind, group camping involves too much of the fun activities that people do together to have a great and memorable time. Plus that I often find the evenings difficult to spend without getting bored.

If you don’t plan nighttime camp activities, you can lose the essence of camping i.e. mainly to enjoy and have a quality time with friends and family and to do things which you don’t have time to do at home.

Plan ahead of camping the night time party games or other activities. Some of them will need materials like pen and paper. Others, like cards or board games, need to be packed from home.

Night Time Camping Games And Activities To Play With Your Friends

Night time party games while camping with a group are the best of the whole trip. You will get to do some fun activities which make will make the camping worth it and memorable.

Here are some of the activities I’m really fond of.

1. Camping Olympics:

Designate a number of things such as big rocks, a tree trunk, or tables, chairs and so on as a target.

Count to three, the multiple group members will have to run and compete for winning by reaching the end first.

This is an amazing activity which makes you remember the childhood days where you didn’t have any fear or embarrassment for doing crazy stuff.

2. Catch or don’t catch:

This is another childhood game which is loved by adults.

I always insist to play this game in order to make it a fun starting off the evening because this game needs to get crazy and laugh like anything.

It goes something like this: you make a circle and make a person stand in the middle of it. That person throws the ball to someone and shouts catch or don’t catch if that person fails to fulfill the command then she or he is out.

3. Board games:

Board games are one of the ultimate nighttime party activities in which you can relax and enjoy with your friends and family.

It could be classic games like chess, playing cards, scrabble, ludo, monopoly, rumy and so on. Or you can bring and play more modern board games.

4. Guess the culprit:

Guess the culprit can be played while relaxing in the serene environment of nighttime camping.

It needs a paper and a pen to write things like victim, murderer, suspect, police and so on and to make a note for every word.

Upon preparing up, each person picks up one note and the one with the ‘police’ note will have to guess who is who.

5. Truth or dare:

Truth or dare is a game which is loved by almost all the age groups, from kids to adults and couples.

Most people choose dare over truth because it’s fun doing some crazy activities like climbing a tree or swimming in the midnight.

6. Campfire party:

Campfire party is the highlight of the night time activities for adults that I love the most. One of the group members bring along a musical instrument such as a drum, flute, guitar, and all of the others enjoy some great musical time together.

You can play pass the parcel or Chinese whispers while witting around the campfire which also makes a fun night to remember.

Night Time Camping Games For Couples

Camping for couples is probably the best idea because it allows you to have a space of your own where nobody else will disturb. You can have some great time with each other by doing some night time activities.

There are numerous fun activities that me and my girlfriend experienced and some of them are:

1. Scavenger Hunt:

The scavenger hunt is mostly played by adults because it involves going to different places to look for the things that have been listed down the participants that could be possibly present at the location.

It is one of the nighttime activities for couples through which you get to explore the place as well.

In this game, the couple list down some things such as a green stick or a heart-shaped rock etc. and then they roam around to find it. Whoever gets it first is the winner.

2. Find the note:

Find the note is somewhat similar to Scavenger but can be created into a romantic game where the couples write love notes for each other, hide it somewhere around, and ask their partner to find it.

This way, the night gets romantic and fun too.

3. Scrabble:

Scrabble is also one of the games that couples can play indoors as well as outdoors. It is a good idea to bring with you a Scrabble game in the case of rainy days that will make you stay in your tent.TIP: you can make words that will make your partner feel loved such as sweetheart or lovemaking.

4. Guess what:

Guess what is a game played by both adults and kids but can be made into a romantic one when played by couples.

You just say “guess what” and your partner will have to guess what’s in your mind considering where you’re looking or what you’ve been talking about.

Camping is one of my favorite type of the exit from the hectic daily life routine. I make sure to make the most of it until I get back to the same old boring life and stuff that we do to make a living.

Next time you go camping with your partner or friends, try this camp activities to have some fun and a trip to remember.

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